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First Week 17 Entry

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Text: Is this a multiple choice question?

I am rewatching Season 2 right now, finished Season 1 this week while I was on TDY, so that sentence struck me as soon as I saw the Ivanova caps ;)
Pretty simple this time.

Addition Week 15 + Week 16

Week 16

It's all so brief, isn't it?
Typical human lifespan is almost a hundred years,
but it's barely a second compared to what's out there.
It wouldn't be so bad
if life didn't take so long to figure out.
Seems you just start to get it right and then ...
it's over.

Dr. Franklin

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Text: Part of
When something we value is destroyed, we rebuild it.
If it's destroyed again we rebuild it again.
And again, and again, and again.
Until it stays.
That, as our poet Tennyson once said, is the goal,
'To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.'


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Week 15 - Add On

Wheel of Fire

Into the Fire

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