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Week 75 - Quote Icons - Voting Reminder

Just to remind you that voting is still open for Week 74 - Black, White and Splash here and for Week 75 - Quote Icons.

In addition, I made the initial posts in the greatest of haste. This led to an error in that icon #1 featured the incorrect image for Week 75.

If you would like to change your votes, please do so.

The voting entry is here.

You can edit your vote by following the link here.
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Week 74 - Black, White, and Stuff, Part 2

Okay, so I had a couple more ideas of icons, and I had stuff I was supposed to do, so naturally, I put off doing what I should have been doing and instead made a few more icons. :D I... think I need help, 'cause this is seriously the biggest "set" of icons I've ever done, except for my ABCs of Quidditch set. But, you know, it's flexing that icon-making muscle and all that, and that can't be bad, so... I'll just shut up now.

Again, caps are all from here (with, I think, a small stock image from Stock.Xchang), and I'm too lazy to pull up all the font names, but I can if they're needed and/or wanted. Um... yeah. Onto the icons!

Okay, that's quite enough from me, I think. Cheers!
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Week 74 - Black and White and Something All Over

Okay, so... I haven't made anything for here in over four years. FOUR YEARS!* But, I happened to be kind of bored when I saw the extension for this week posted, and, well... I kind of went overboard. In a good way, of course. :D

* Actually, that's not entirely true. I made one icon for a contest back in June, and I meant to make more and post, and I totally forgot to post. Amounts to the same thing, though, in terms of actual participation.

Some are splashier than others, but overall, I think they work. Anyway. Here's what I made... so far.

Caps are all from here. Font names are available upon request.